Active Culture AC 4000

Preservation in Harvested Biomass

Pictured: Blue Forest Farms in Longmont, CO.

Problem | Current Landscape

  • Active Plant Metabolites degrade immediately upon harvest when moisture is present.
  • After 30 days in storage, farmers can experience a 50% loss in actives.
  • Molds and fungus contribute to biomass degradation and are undesirable contaminants.
  • The end result is unusable inventory due to unacceptable concentrations.
  • Low levels of actives become uneconomical to extract.

Solution | New Landscape

  • Naturally occurring microbes are selected for optimal performance
  • Natural metabolites  
  • Patent Pending*

Metabolilte Profile

Van Grow utilizes NIST tracebable Reference Standards and Certified Reference Material to calibrate analytical instruments along with proven analytical methods. The methods are applied in the most ethical manner following good laboratory practice guidelines. The results of this report are based solely on the sample submitted and cannot be reproduced.